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Solo, collaborations and more. Here are some examples: Contact me to discuss your requirements.



This beautiful, tangled story leads from sunlight to darkness, through love and betrayal, conflict and retribution, shape-shifting and enchantment as we meet shoes made of seaweed, ships made of shadows, a master of disguise and the greatest spell ever cast, to right a wrong and secure a dynasty. But does it succeed?

Run time: 1 hour. 

Suggested age: 12+

Some adult themes.


Reynard the Fox

Once Upon a Whitsuntide in Flanders - hazy, white-blossomed, sprung with sweet herbs, and loud in birdsong - the Lion King Noble held a great feast, to be attended by all his subjects. Orders were sent: to Wolf and Bear, to Cat and Dog, Ram and Otter and Stag, to Hare and Beaver and Lynx and Polecat and all…..and so they all came.
All, that is, except one.
Of Sir Reynard the Fox, the high rolling, sweet talking, ever hungry Baron of Malperduys Manor, not a whisker was seen.’

Run time: 60 minutes.

Suggested age: 12+


The Wounded King: with Katy Cawkwell and Lisa Schneidau

What does it feel like to live under siege?

How do we find hope, when the land around us is dying?

Where do we find the heart to live, to endure, these difficult times?

Arthurian tales are part of our nation’s mythos. Like all good stories, they ask us questions…and, if we know where to look, can maybe provide answers. They are rich and timeless, and as relevant now as ever they were. Three tellers bring together fragments of these stories, woven together with song, hope and humanity.

Run time: 90 minutes.

Suggested age: 12+

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